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 JFE Tubic Corporation is a member of the JFE Group, and is located at JFE Steel's Chita Works. Making full use of high-precision machining technologies which we have developed and refined since this company was established, we manufacture high quality products for oil well or civil/construction. Our main products are threaded joints( couplings) for oil well tubes and large-scale threaded joints for civil engineering and construction materials.
 In order to continue to meet customer expectations, we are constantly introducing latest technologies, and are grappling with a number of tasks such as automation and systematization of equipment and developing human resources.
 We are devoting our efforts to realize JFE Tubic, a company that will enable all employees to demonstrate their full capabilities and will get the trust of customers. Your further support and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

Message from President Yasuo Nishida, President